6 Jul 2011

Bike Art. Tales from the Gallery

Posted by Mike Rubbo

The TAP Gallery has a nice glow from the street. Makes you want to walk in.

I’ve been very late getting my bike shadows finished and finalizing the catalogue with prices.

All done,  Sue Abbott arrived and decisively bought the;  woman reaching for her purse. http://www.situp-bike-art.com/

You might recall Sue’s fame for having taken  on the authorities re  compulsory helmets after being fined for not wearing one in Scone

I made several films about her trips to court and now,  she tells me  she as she unlocks her new Gazelle, her purchase done..

That she’s back in court in a  few days.

And few weeks after that,   she’ll take the protest to Melbourne for  a mass ride against the helmet law.

Good luck, Sue.


We agree , she and I, that the comp.  helmets are  holding back our cycle  culture here, that because of them, lots of growth is not happening .

I’m particularly concerned that the laws mean   we can’t have functioning bike share schemes in Australia

I  argue  that these public bike schemes, like the Paris Velibs, the Boris Bikes in London, the Bixis in Montreai, the Bicings in Barcelona,  that all these new systems,  are  the turbo chargers of transport cycling.

They are the quick  way to get masses of non riders, people who cant  conceive  of themselves  using a bike as transport, (that’s the average Australian)  to just try and then, to like it.

That’s what’s happened overseas and it can happen here. But first,  we have to toss the helmet  albatross.

I think about this as the message of my show as I paint the final silhouettes behind the art.





The Guy at the end  agrees.


That’s Mikael Colville- Andersen.( Copenhagenize.com.)   who started both Sue and I thinking   about the negative aspects of com.  helmets

His key point is that they surround cycling with an unjustified   cloak of fear, and that the small danger  involved,  is nothing compared with the loss of having so many people put off cycling for life

Meanwhile,  both fortunately and unfortunately,  more pics are selling.

Fortunately,  since this campaign for helmet choice,   needs funds. Unfortunately,  in that I hate see my favorite works  go out the door.

Esp. this one which many wouldn’t look  at twice,  but which  I love.

It shows roof deck  parking for bikes  in Amsterdam .

And this one of two friends chatting,  based on a Copenhagen cycle chic photo.


Anyway, my fears of a fiasco are receding fast,  and I’m  looking forward to the party at 3 pm on Sunday at the Tap, 45 Burton st. Darlinghurst.





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4 Responses to “Bike Art. Tales from the Gallery”

  1. Great to see you today, Mike! & your fabulous exhibition – well done you!

    PS I LOVE my painting-purchase!!!!


    Sue Abbott

  2. Dear Mike,
    I would love to see your exhibition but as I’m in Adelaide it’s just a little bit too far right now. It looks fabulous and it has been very interesting to watch, via your blogs, the creative process of you putting it together.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the show and the party on Sunday.
    Kind regards,
    Jim Moore
    PS Sue’s new bike is an Electra. They’re an interesting bike company in that they infuse their bikes not just with practicality and style but also with art.


    Jim Moore

  3. Mike,

    Great to see you on Sunday and well done on a fabulous exhibition. Beautiful art and strong, positive imagery. It was wonderful talking to so many liked-minded folk. Cheers! Paul.


    Dr Paul Martin

  4. Wow, amazing artistry. Captures the motion of bikes even though the pictures are stationary. Wish we had something like this in our city. Congratulations again and keep more coming.


    Brisbane Bikes

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