18 Mar 2012

Bike Hour.

Posted by Mike Rubbo

Before I forget, here’s another good post from Alan Davies who’s now moved his Urbanist blog to Crikey.

The piece looks at why Sydneysiders cycle half as much as Melbournians when it comes to using bikes as transport. Well worth a read!

I hope you can access the story here. I’ve actually subscribed to Crikey in order to continue  reading  Alan’s pieces

The urgent news is that Architect/cyclist,  Steven Fleming is organizing an Earth Hour bike   ride in Newcastle for tomorrow night ( Tues 20th) The idea is that this might become an annual bike awareness event.

You can find all about Bike Hour on Steven’s blog, cycle-space.com

Steven approached me suggesting  that  he’d challenge riders to make videos about their bike hour events, and that I’d donate bike art as the prize for the best video.

Since, the ride is tomorrow, I’ve been working hard to create some new art to add the the art pool for the prize. Here are some new rubbings which might become prizes.

This one uses the stepping posture I love and have used many times,  but never as a rubbing.

This also uses some favorite characters.

What do they see at the same moment?

What are they talking about?

Where go these green riders all in a line?

I’ve also  being making another version (this will be the third )  of Reaching for her Purse.

I’m doing this version as a commission  for M….. who’s nurse in Salt lake city .

On April First and Second there will be a ride in Sydney to answer the  State Govt. campaign against our new Bike-ways here  in Sydney.  It’s being organized by Jane Salmon. Find out more from her site, Rolling With Clover

For the full story on the attacks, see my last blog post, just below this one.

This Editorial in the Daily Telegraph, which has been leading the campaign, is part of a general attack on the Mayor which can’t go unaswered.

One last thing. I’ve produced a Bike Art Poster which I’m hoping bike shops will choose to display.

If they do so  and a sale results from a viewing in a shop, then I’ll give a share of the sale to that shop.

If you know a bike shop where you could place one, get in touch and I’ll send it to you.

Or if you have some other interesting use for it, let me know that  too.



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  1. WOW!!! How do I buy your stuff….it’s absolutely wonderful! How do you capture the movement and lighting so well with printmaking??!


    Julia Brackenbury

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