18 May 2012

Rani and the Russians

Posted by Mike Rubbo

Rani is a sikh. She moved to Sydney when she married an Australia, coming from Amsterdam where she went everywhere by bike.

She’d love to be able to ride here as freely as she did in Holland. But she has the problem of her Dumalla. That’s her Sikh turban.

Sikhs never cut their hair, rather they wind it round in clothe under the Dumalla.

This makes it impossible for Rani to wear a helmet. So every day she has to run the gauntlet  of cops who’d like to ticket her for breaking our laws.


Rani thinks she should be able to ride with her turban and so she is campaigning to be allowed to do so. She tell me that some states already have  an exemption for  Turban wearers, but not NSW.  I hope she succeeds.

It will make it easier to get an exemption for all riders of public bikes which we sikh..

My wife, Katya, is just back from visiting her mother in Moscow. On Victory day, May 9th.  the usually clogged streets  of that city were  empty and she snapped this  joyous image of two riders in heaven.

What a great  photo. All the joy of free and easy riding is on their faces.

I think the one on the right is a boy.

The bike’s no give away since both sexes fee comfortable on step throughs.

I’m sort of hoping they might find themselves here and tell us their story

Victory day, which was discontinued for many years, commemorates victory in the Second World War in which 20 million Russians died, defeating the Germans.

In a park,  they set up an army kitchen of the era, serving what soldiers would have eaten in that war.

Katya would have liked to get some of the buckwheat and tea they were serving, but the line was too long.

There were a few other bikes around, but not the sort which interest me that much.







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3 Responses to “Rani and the Russians”

  1. What a nice multicultural, inclusive article! Enjoyed the waltz of the bikes. Great work. Someday hope to visit down under. You might like my “why cycle! : go ride a bike” clip at youtube.com/watch?v=Ou1AvKDicxA . Mostly shot in Amsterdam, but also in Greece, and California. Wishing you happy cycling.


    d nelson

  2. Love the picture of the kids cycling. It’s actually pretty common among men in Sweden, regardless of sex, to have the classic “female” cut on the bicycle.

    Its all about being practical, teenagers have them for comfort, and if you are carrying a child in a child’s seat on the back they’re far better than the “male version”.



  3. Meant to write “pretty common among PEOPLE in sweden, regardless of sex”, ha ha.



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