8 Jun 2012

Bicycle art video

Posted by Mike Rubbo

I finally got around to putting some drawings on Video. I don’t know why it took me so long. I guess thinking that they would not look good.

But they look fine. Simple lines are powerful since they create a space and make it mean something. Less is surely more.

It’s like you wrapped a single string around yourself and then the string hardened, you stepped away and the string became a representation of you, thin fragile but recognizably you.

The Indian ink drawings are messier. It’s harder to control the ink line than the pencil, but their roughness makes them more meaningful I reckon.

The still for the film is Indian ink, factory workers in the 1940′s or 50,’s  riding home.

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One Response to “Bicycle art video”

  1. Fabulous work Mike


    David Hembrow

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