24 Nov 2012

Eveleigh Farmers Market by bike

Posted by Mike Rubbo

Here is the promised film on Bike shoppping. Hopefully it will spark discussion about this sort of bike use which is actually much more do-able for non riders, and thinking about it riders, that commuting.

I suggest in the film that we can form new alliances with Chambers of commerce  which will not only help cycling  to the shops,  but bring business to small endangered shopkeepers who can be the beneficiaries of such traffic

I meet the president of the Five Dock Chamber of Commerce, Joe Di Giacomo,  at the end of the movie. he sounds quite hopeful.

I brag about carrying 30 kilos of shopping in the film but the discussion on Sydney Cyclist reveals that’s nothing.

Phil Byrne writes on Sydney cyclist.

I‘m going to brag. I’ve carried everything imaginable in my Christiania: Wine barrels, bladder based rainwater tanks, inflatable kayaks, 26 inch electric bike, kids bikes, folding bikes, small trees, potting mix, 6 metre length of storm drain pipe, bookshelves, chickens,dogs, old pallets, 4 metre roll of lino, structural timber, poly roof sheeting, power tools and a lawn mower.

Then there are photos from Colin  like this laden beauty from above.

In another photo of the same bike we glimpse  A Bionx battery. He has some well deserved help does this rider and do I on my bike.

I’ve just got myself a Bionx, which comes very highly regarded, but can’t say I like yet. Teething problems I hope———–

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One Response to “Eveleigh Farmers Market by bike”

  1. Another great film, Mike.
    The idea that bike riders spend more in local shops than motorists is not just hypothetical; I know of at least one academic study on this that showed cyclists spend on average seven times more per visit than motorists.
    It’s all so true; people on bikes browse; they stop en route and get distracted (in a good way!) by all the things an area offers. People in cars drive to their goal, spend fifteen minutes trying to park right outside their target shop, and then scurry back to their cars with their (single) purchase.
    Australia has a long way to go, though. It’s extraordinary that the Australian bicycle shoppers in your film still use backpacks and see baskets as ‘unmanly’. Is this because local bike shops don’t stock appropriate accessories (panniers and so on), or simply that they are so rare people don’t even know they exist?



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