9 Dec 2012

Strange challenges in Bike Art.

Posted by Mike Rubbo

Terry got in touch with me last week.

She wanted to give her husband one of my linocuts for Xmas.  After searching my site, she’s chosen  this one, Riding through the hills.

It’s actually not quite so sepia. Shot with  incandesent light tonight

A  few days later, we spoke on the phone, finalizing the price , and I asked a few questions about her husband. Turns out he loves all sorts of cycling but is a bit of a racer.

I thought, I wonder if he’ll like my strange figures rising from the saddle on Dutch sit-up bikes?

I got so concerned about this that I decided to try creating another linocut with the same four riders but much more racer types.

I  should have just left it alone, Terry was perfectly decisive in her choice, but something bothered me.

Perhaps it’s because I’d like to  be a bit more open to a type of cyling I know nothing about in my art, the racing,  Lycra world.

So, I slaved away all weekend and produced this image,  which I rather like  and which eases the itch.

But I wonder what Terry’s husdand will think, or Terry herself?

I call it,  How’s it going?

The riders are certainly more  authentically racer-ly, I’ve captured that but I drew the line at helmetting them.

Now, what to do? There’s no way to share this with Terry because Katya is dragging  me off to a Russian Monastery for 5  days, leaving  at 5 am tomorrow.

It’s  a place in the Snowy mountains without electricity and so I cant communicate,  and if I wait till  we’re back  it’ll be  too late for her husband’s  Xmas.

And so I’ve put both linocuts  in a tube and will mail them  tomorrow from Cooma where the bus to the prison, I mean the Monastery, stops for lunch before  careening back in time.

That way  Terry, or both of them,  can choose which they like best.

I trust her to return the other. She sounded American, which is no reccomendation these days, but also trustworthy.

Next time I’ll tell you about what I’ve done for Chris across the street who wanted, as a commission,  to be inserted into a  Paris street.

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