9 Jun 2013

Geri-activism on youTube.

Posted by Mike Rubbo

It’s so long since I posted on this blog. That’s because I’ve been dragged away from my bike activism to work on saving our beautiful single screen cinema at Avoca Beach from over development.

They want to turn it into five screens,  the silly buggers,  and for a town of our size which loves the theatre the way it is, ( one more screen perhaps)   that is being  SO opposed

So my geri- activism has meant making several movies to not only to tell the Avoca picture theatre story,  but also that of Mount Vic Flicks another single screen in strife .

Thank God for this wonderful movie platform, Youtube.

When I began making documentaries  50 years ago, the idea that one would be able to release films to the wide wide world for no cost , and asking no one’s permission,  well, that was a dream we never dared indulge.

Now, out go our activist films,  made on a shoe string,  making a difference  we hope

I’m calling  this way of working; Tube for Change . Here are some of the recent movies.

First,  one about the Heritage value  of our theatre. The last of the Last

Now, here’s the story of Mount Vic Flicks, fighting to stay open after july 7th.  2013

This drama  in part prompted me to  come up with the name, Tube For Change.  and the idea of being a geriactivist. As you’ll see,  the camera does become an agent for change in this story.

What happened in that little theatre  brought back memories of when I worked at the National Film Board of Canada.

In the 70s there,  we had a program called; Challenge for Change which used very early video equipment to empower people without power. Now,  my far better technology does somewhat  the same thing.

So,  all of that’s taken me away from bikes to some extent.

Not completely. I’ve become very interested in Lord Howe island as a place to ride bikes. It seems that kids actually go to school there on bikes whereas in the rest of our silly nation they are bussed, fussed and SUV’d.

It looks like a great place to ride. It looks like I need to do a movie there.


Bikes are transport for adults too on the island.

So, I’m asking them, being a very laid back place with little traffic,  whether they might consider a helmet exemption like in the Northern Territory.

You’ d think this would be the last place you’d need or want a lid.

Lord Howe already have a seat belt exemption, apparently,  and so why not  helmet choice for bikes?

I need to speak to the local doctor to see what he thinks. I’m told that they’s had some nasty bike accidents and he’s apt to think I’m crazy. But who knows!

Helmet choice  could put the Island on the map since many  mainlanders and  European tourists crave to ride with the wind in their hair, and the island depends on tourism to survive

Another good bike thing I’ve done is to lend my spare Electric bike to Collette. This is a good move because her ride to work is about the right distance, she does face some hills,  and she’s the sort of activist who is going to make sure everyone around her hears how great E bikes are.

The bike I’ve lent her has, as you can see,  the Lithium Polymer battery behind the seat. The motor is in the rear hub and is 200 watts. Now,  it’s legal to have slightly bigger motors, 250 watts.

The downside of the law changes is that new bikes no longer come with throttles like this bike has . The throttle is by far the best way to control the power I feel.. The new bikes   add power automatically as you pedal.




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  1. Wondeful! Full of ideas as usual.


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